Twitter Roasts Pete Buttigieg For His Staged 'Walk Back To Iowa'

Poor Mayor Pete just can't seem to catch a break on the internet. The presidential candidate from South Bend, Indiana tweeted a photo of himself walking down a hallway on Saturday with the caption, "On my way back to Iowa. It's phase 4. Let's do this." The tweet has been catching a fair amount of flack for appearing to be staged. 

Here are some of Twitter's most amusing reaction memes and tweets!

Funny memes and Twitter reactions to Pete Buttigieg's presumably staged 'walk back to Iowa' | Pete Buttigieg @PeteButtigieg On my way back lowa s #Phase4. Let's do this: Elijah Woodn't @root_of_all_eli Replying PeteButtigieg look ready 4th grade, go get em tiger Star Stuff @BernieBroStar Replying PeteButtigieg Dweeb
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