We Love Democracy

Tuxedo winnie the pooh meme about how the People's republic is just a fancy way of saying communist
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Cyber Wars

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Why Can't They Ever Get it Right?

news China yelling coffee - 6793051392
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Official Chinese News Website Thinks The Onion is Real

kim jong-un China the onion - 6815676928
Via People's Daily Online

Durex Ad from China

commercial Ad innuendo China Michelle Obama condoms - 6746344704
Via Beijing Cream

Seems Legit

Mitt Romney usa China hacking computers debate - 6705717760
Via Radio for the Blind

We're Getting Turn Signals Put In Next Month

astronauts China school training - 6527450880
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Where We Built it Isn't the Point

China Mitt Romney outsourcing we did build it - 6457517824
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China moon political pictures - 6347301120
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Hey, Wait A Minute...

america China chinese political pictures - 6346858240
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Might As Well Be Mars

astronauts China political pictures texas - 6387364864
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animals China ducks political pictures traffic Video - 39234561

Go Duck Go

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China political pictures - 6296618240
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China dogs political videos Video - 38310401

Get Along Little Doggie

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I Don't See It

China political pictures soldiers - 6185116416
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Damn it Feels Good to Be a Triad

cell phones China crime political pictures - 6013305856
Via Pics from a Chinese gangsters phone on Imgur
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