Funny memes entitled, "Nancy Pelosi Pointing at Donald Trump"

Nancy Pelosi Pointing At Trump Is An Assertive Dank Meme

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The Great White Hunter

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Republican Party Last Days

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Just one more chance. Maybe he'll pivot.

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A Post-Partisan Way

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Conservative Logic

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Thumbs up...

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Threat Level: Trump Orange

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Republicans twitter list donald trump mike pence politics - 866309

The Shitshow that is The Republican National Convention Has Started and Here's the Best (So Far)

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GOP House Committee Chairs are All White Men

Republicans Mitt Romney paul ryan - 6819289600

This is All His Fault

Republicans blame barack obama - 6813483008
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Republicans fox news benghazi interview Video - 45095681

Thomas Ricks Calls Out Fox News

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Republicans meeting Video Georgia tea party - 44590849

GOP Lawmakers in Georgia Discussing a Conspiracy Theory

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Gotta Make That Money Back Somehow

rage Republicans campaign angry GOP delicious money - 6761078784

That's Rough

Republicans results election flag - 6746195200
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