I Dreamed a Dream

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We Just Have to Ride it Out

Sad Chris Christie barack obama election hug - 6735931904
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Well That's a Little Harsh

Sad Mitt Romney taxes president education election quote - 6720820736
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Don't Despair

Sad petting cat hope - 6700114176
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Didn't Win Any Part of It

barack obama anniversary debate Sad categoryimage - 6638930432
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Nobody Told Me It'd Be So Hard

crying fun newt gingrich president Sad They Said - 6564548096
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Ron Paul's Feels

crying freedom Ron Paul Sad - 6548247040
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forever alone Memes political pictures Pundit Kitchen Sad Vladimir Putin - 5251629824
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Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs Has Died

apple Breaking News rip Sad steve jobs technology - 5278257152
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Glorious Leader Prefers Smilez 'n Happiness

disappointed frown Kim Jong-Il North Korea Sad - 4035269120
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Been Waitin' for 14 Hours...

africa guns Sad - 4397982464
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The First 1499 Feet Were Fun, Though

fall jets parachute paratroopers planes Sad - 4375730432
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Come Home Safe

family kids lolz Sad soldier - 4329794560
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