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Joe Biden Gets Trolled With His Cringey 'I'm On Team Joe' Campaign

Poor ol' Joe.
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Someone's Felt the Bern a Little Too Long and They Are Crunchy Now

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Cyber Wars

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The Secessionist Declaration of Independence

america election reaction - 6767471872
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The World According to the Final Presidential Debates

america president debate Mitt Romney barack obama - 6696896512
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I Really Hope Sempai Notices How Much I've Been Practicing for the Debate!

desu obama debate america - 6696893184
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Video vice president Debates america politics - 43160833

Autotune Vice-Presidential Debate

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The RNC Right Now

america Clint Eastwood eagle flag merica right now rnc - 6553136128
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This Lady is Now the Best Part of the RNC

america awesome costume dancing glasses rnc - 6552790784
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Who Actually Votes in America?

america infographic voting - 6547851008
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Yes. Well-Built Indeed!

america debt economy Mitt Romney political pictures Republicans - 6496394240
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america britain england olympics political pictures usa - 6491198976
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america england political videos Video - 40011777

American Olympians Speak British

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Tears in the Rain

america barack obama political pictures rain - 6434174464
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Literally Bloated

america flags inflation political pictures - 6399207680
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Meanwhile in (Insert Country)

america barack obama Dmitry Medvedev political pictures russia - 6402364160
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