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Celebrities React to Last Night's Election Results on Twitter

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ken bone reddit

The Weirdest Things We Learned About the Internet's Sweetheart Ken Bone After His Reddit AMA

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You Know it's Important it is to Vote Because Celebrities Told You To

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Thanks... but No Thanks

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Via Interior Semiotics
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Vote 4 Stuff

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ROFLrazzi: First Look: Alan Rickman and Jane Fonda as Ronald and Nancy Reagan

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Via Oprah on Instagram

Chris Van Hollen on Paul Ryan

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By Unknown

What an Age We Live In

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It's a Liberty Rave

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Via The Daily Mail


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By Unknown

After You Answer That, Will You Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls?

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Via F*** Y'all I'm From Texas

We Care About His Shenanigans TOO DAMN MUCH!

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Y U Hide, Naomi Watts? Y U HIDE?!

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