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Crying Bernie Supporters at the DNC Didn't Escape the Night Without the Internet Noticing

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Does he always cry like that?

mckayla maroney john boehner not impressed speaker of the house barack obama crying - 6796864512
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It's Scary!

crying - 6773425408
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My Poor Hands

paul ryan hands First World Problems crying - 6746084608
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thank you campaign speech barack obama election crying - 44282369

President Obama Thanks his Campaign Staff

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Finally, He'd Had Enough

scandal boris johnson crying - 6665440512
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kid frustrated Mitt Romney tired barack obama election crying - 43983873

This Little Girl is Tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney

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Nobody Told Me It'd Be So Hard

crying fun newt gingrich president Sad They Said - 6564548096
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Best Rule I've Come Up With Yet

army crying kim jong-un military North Korea women - 6538923776
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Of Course, I Might Cry if You Don't

cry crying john boehner paul ryan vice president - 6544491008
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Ron Paul's Feels

crying freedom Ron Paul Sad - 6548247040
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crying Death Kim Jong-Il North Korea rip Video wtf - 30945281

North Koreans React to the Death of Kim Jong-Il

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crying important muslims Sad Video - 16344577


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Won't Someone Think of the Tiny, Orange Children?!

Congress cry crying help john boehner orange speaker of the house tan - 4472037120
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Wipe Those Tears With a Hundred Dolla Bill, Ya'll!

crying john boehner money rich speaker of the house taxes - 4449062144
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