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And Here's the Democrats' Response

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No Flowers by Request

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Oh You!

bill clinton dnc economy - 6579173376
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Cue Rimshot, Laugh Track

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Where Am I Even?

dnc drugs funny high women - 6568416768
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Sounds Really Good Right Now

dnc gum Julian Castro - 6568277504
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How's That for Impressive?

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This Guy Knows How To Make a Sales Pitch

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She Even Sang the Song

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In Fact I Prayed For It

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Hard Times

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Jennifer Granholm Was On "The Dating Game"

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Bit Too Clean, Though

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Ann Romney barack obama conventions Debates dnc fight Michelle Obama Mitt Romney rnc speeches Video video game - 42073089

Obama Vs. Romney: The Game

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DNC Apologizes for Using Russian Warships at Convention

dnc FAIL mistake russian - 6580907264
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Literally His Favorite Word

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