election 2012

parody election 2012 Office politics - 83395841

This is What it Would Be Like If Congress Was Your Co-Worker

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If You're Thinking About This Election's Third Parties Options, John Oliver Breaks Them Down For You

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Trevor Noah Gives You the Only Vice Presidential Debate Wrap-Up You'll Need

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You Know it's Important it is to Vote Because Celebrities Told You To

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Someone's Felt the Bern a Little Too Long and They Are Crunchy Now

Via Megadaman

Unlike a Pregancy, Abstinence Will Not Prevent a New President


Would You Like Fries With Your Election?

obama election 2012 voting politics - 6741627392
obama election 2012 Romney - 43915265

The Greatest Generation Talks Politics of the Day

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Chris Christie interview hurricane sandy election 2012 Romney - 43925249

Governor Chris Christie on Fox and Friends

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presidential debate election 2012 - 43715329

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Hits The Debate

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obama election 2012 - 43708161

Lena Dunham's First Time

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This Is All Kinds Of Predictable

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When It Comes To Drone Strikes of the Day

infographic obama Romney election 2012 - 6697613056
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Needs More Hot Air FAIL

politics election 2012 irony Mitt Romney best of week Hall of Fame - 6695991808
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Kids React To The 2012 Election of the Day

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In Case You Missed It of the Day

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