college admission scandal on some facebook ladies page

Woman's Insightful Facebook Post On The College Admission's Scandal Goes Viral

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This Is What It Would Be Like If Your Facebook Friends Were President

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Facebook in Real Life: Politics

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Does Trump Know You Can't Actually Pick Team Rocket?

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Headline of the Year

failbook facebook politics - 8819309568
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Facebook has become the ultimate political bubble.

facebook Democrat republican - 8806263808
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Sneaky Hillary Is at It Again

the onion failbook Hillary Clinton facebook politics - 8798424832
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Government Mandate

date pun teacher facebook barack obama joe biden - 6729920000
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Social Media and the Popular Vote

infographic social media vote election facebook - 6687559424
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High Tech

Mitt Romney facebook bored - 6629716224
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1000 Friends and All Alone

computer facebook Mitt Romney - 6541829888
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Who Likes Obama and Romney?

barack obama facebook infographic Mitt Romney - 6576792832
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chick fil-a facebook gay rights political pictures - 6455840768
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Kind of a Weird Place

facebook political pictures Ron Paul twitter - 6436829952
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What Your Social Media Says About Your Politics

democrats facebook political pictures Republicans social media twitter - 6414436608
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Mitt Romney's Facebook Page

Ann Romney facebook Mitt Romney political pictures - 6411975168
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