Funny memes and twitter reactions to Ivanka Trump claiming she had a punk phase in Ivana Trump's new memoir, Raising Trump.

Twitter Is Roasting Ivanka Trump For Claiming She Had A Punk Phase

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Pocketing the Best

fashion Chart pants - 7802406912
By Unknown

Well Yeah, No Question

beards fashion love Protest - 6580690176
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The Merkel Spectrum

angela merkel fashion Germany political pictures - 6437018624
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Presidents Play

fashion political pictures - 5868122368
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Serious Fashion Offenses

fashion parliament political pictures - 5464761600
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Our Casual Dilemma

fashion political pictures - 5332549120
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That Hat Is IL(L) Like a Kim-Jong!

fashion hats Kim Jong-Il North Korea pimp - 4049507328
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That Man is a Monster (M-M-M-Monster)

dictators fashion lady gaga libya muammar al-gaddafi - 4501156864
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Can't Imagine He'll Have the References to Land the Gig

dictators fashion libya muammar al-gaddafi uniform - 4564450048
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Whatever Was I Thinking Going With That Pattern?

British fashion queen Queen Elizabeth II religion royalty - 4557972224
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Plz 2 Not Step on My Precious Libya

dictators fashion libya lost muammar al-gaddafi pose - 4517437184
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He's Really the Only One Who Tried

Ban Ki Moon barack obama Dmitry Medvedev fashion Nicolas Sarkozy silvio berlusconi - 4520917504
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Regrets Are for Horseshoes and Handbags!

fashion guns military regrets sex wtf - 4334718208
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Don't Give Lady Gaga Any Ideas, Doggy

animals dogs fashion military religion - 4464528640
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breadsticks egypt fashion hats Hosni Mubarak lady gaga protesters riots wtf - 4451484928
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