List of memes about Donald Trump's imaginary friend Jim.

Have You Met Donald Trump's Imaginary Friend Jim?

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French David

Democrat potus republican france - 8801719808
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Haven't They Heard of Center-Line Markings?

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Cue Tumbleweeds and Whistling

france francoise hollande Nicolas Sarkozy political pictures - 6235078912
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Looks Like a Winner

FAIL france francoise hollande political pictures - 6236846080
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Better Gig Than Eurozone Leader

carla bruni france political pictures - 6201930752
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Isn't it "Voila?"

france Nicolas Sarkozy political pictures - 6206038784
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Dental Sacrifices

france Nicolas Sarkozy political pictures - 6203760384
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Losing an Election WIN

carla bruni france Nicolas Sarkozy political pictures - 6201944576
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He Already Found a New Job?

FAIL france Media Nicolas Sarkozy oops political pictures - 6205604608
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Sarkozy's Trollcadero

france Memes Nicolas Sarkozy Nyan Cat political pictures - 6205552896
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Adieu Sarkozy

election france Nicolas Sarkozy political pictures socialism - 6201830400
By Unknown
elections france francoise hollande political videos socialism Video - 37094145

François Hollande and Kanye West

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Le Sour Grapes

france french political pictures - 5901370368
By Unknown

Travel Ban Lifted

france political pictures - 5735291392
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