Harry Potter

Donald Trump seven horcuxes

Internet Strings Together an Alarmingly Plausible Theory about Donald Trump Having 7 Horcruxes

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Expecto Petraeus

David Petraeus Harry Potter pun - 6770102528
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The Final Chapter

Harry Potter Mitt Romney president barack obama election - 6739566080
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Barack Obama and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter totally looks like barack obama - 6720914688
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Can't Tell if Slytherin or Hufflepuff

Harry Potter boris johnson UK magic Hogwarts - 6662846976
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The Final One is Actually Obama

Mitt Romney debate Harry Potter mistake categoryimage - 6643371776
By Unknown

Must Be the Stress of Buying Europe

angela merkel europe Germany Harry Potter - 6339622912
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Stiff and Awkward

Harry Potter political pictures Vladimir Putin - 6373910272
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You Make an Uncompelling Argument

california education Harry Potter political pictures Protest - 5940241664
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Dmitry Medvedev Harry Potter political pictures - 5109929472
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david cameron Harry Potter political pictures - 4969172992
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Harry Potter political pictures - 4973996032
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Harry Potter political pictures sex scandal - 4849970688
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Harry Potter political pictures Vladimir Putin - 4677770240
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Harry Potter moammar gadhafi political pictures - 4608093440
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abraham lincoln Hall of Fame Harry Potter nerds political pictures - 4608504320
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