Hillary Clinton

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SNL Didn't Have to Change Much to Parody the Most Recent Presidential Debate

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Not all clowns are created equal

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Guess I'm With Her

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson ponders what difference the reaction would be to an Alien visit from Clinton VS Trump and J.K. Rowlings says it would depend if the Alien has breasts or not.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Asked a Legitimate Question About Trump/Clinton Meeting Aliens and the Quick J.K. Rowling Had the Best Answer

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Ok, fine.

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Do You Feel Old Now?

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Blaming Hillary Clinton For Liking Beyoncé is One of the Silliest Arguments A Trump Supporter Has Ever Made For His Lewd Comments About Women

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Can we get a debate somewhere out to sea?

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The moderator for the 3rd Presidential debate has been announced.

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Hillary vs Trump. Round 2

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My feelings exactly

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dang it, karl

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Mike Rowe says it all without saying a word

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I bet you didn't.

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Preparation H

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Obviously a New York City Flash Mob of Dancing Pantsuits is For Hillary Clinton

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