Photoshops of the green screen dress the queen of england once wore

The Queen of England Wore a Bright Green Outfit So, Naturally, the Internet Treated It Like a Green Screen

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Photoshop battle of Kim Jung Un untouched photo

The Untouched Picture of Kim Jong-Un Started a Supreme Photoshop Battle

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memes of trump and Queen Elizabeth face swapped and the results are hilarious

Donald Trump's Face Was Photoshopped Onto Queen Elizabeth and All We Can Say Is: God Save the Queen

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A Man Got His Family Kicked off a Plane by Yelling at Ivanka Trump While His Husband Live Tweeted It All, What a Time to Be Alive

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Obama Right Now

barack obama web comics image - 8991033600
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When Siri Finds Out

Hillary Clinton image - 8989248512
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Where you at Han Solo?

politics image - 8989034496
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Fallout 5 Announced

video games politics image - 8988545792
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Billy Madison for President!

politics image - 8988544256
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Whatever You Choose, Remember Duck is Not an Option

trolling ducks politics image - 8987756800
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Best Use of That App By Far

trolling donald trump politics image - 8984171264
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Are They Setting Up a Maze?

halloween donald trump politics image - 8983717888
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Not Fair. There Are at Least Four.

donald trump politics image - 8982799104
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Get It?

puns ken bone image - 8982568192
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Bill Backing Away.....

Memes the simpsons politics image bill clinton - 8982301696
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Donald Trump Got Immediately Called out on His Clueless Tweet About Brexit

image twitter donald trump Donald Trump Got Immediately Called out on His Clueless Tweet About Brexit
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