The Awkward Photo of Donald Trump and Mitt Romney Having Dinner Is So Perfect for Making Memes It Almost Feels Like a Set Up

Can you hear that? It's the sound of "Hello, darkness, my old friend." Or is that the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme.

Whatever it is, it's the sound of someone giving into a man that they called a "phony" and "fraud." At least, that's the look on Mitt Romney's face as he eats dinner with Donald Trump as he once again interviews for a job in the Trump administration. He looks scared, broken, and maybe, in danger — harkening back to that time just a few months ago when it looked like New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was being held hostage by our president-elect.


via Vine

But don't take my word for it, Twitter has already had a go at captioning the saddest night of Mitt Romney's life — and this guy lost a presidential election.

Check out some of the best reactions to the moment when a million voices inside Mitt Romney cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

What could be better than an endless supply of trump memes? Maybe some of the best of all time? Or perhaps some of the finest highlights from the G7 Summit or simply some of the best reactions to one of his more infamous tweets. 

awkward trump and romney dinner
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Political Sunday Memes
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While gas prices may have returned to levels below "grab your pitchforks!", the government is as discombobulated as ever. Take your foot off the gas relax for a second with these chill Sunday memes.  

Taking a trip in our time-machine, this date in 2011 was pretty momentous. People were selling kidneys to fill their gas tank, and surprise surprise, there were massive protests in Bahrain for a nice change. As Sunday's go, it's right up there with the day every month your credit card charges you for that membership you "forget" to tell your wife about. Look here for more off-the-cuff memes.

But don't let this reality check get you down, beat back those Sunday blues with some dank memes.