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Two fer

Democrat barack obama potus joe biden - 8184904448
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Tempting As it May Be

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It Was Bound to Happen Eventually

slash fiction Hillary Clinton otp gay barack obama joe biden - 6816047616
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Let's Find Out!

scandal affair joe biden bill clinton - 6754380032
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Joe Biden was On "Parks and Rec"

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Michelle Just Doesn't Pick Up on These Things Like You Do

date soda cute barack obama love joe biden - 6739686400
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Everything Makes Sense Now!

Babies joe biden smile bill clinton - 6742005504
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Joe Biden was On "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego"

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It's Not a Commitment, Just a Gift

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That Line Always Worked for Me

country nostalgia joe biden bill clinton - 6740159232
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What Happens on Election Night

dancing election night Jill Biden barack obama Michelle Obama joe biden - 6746534912
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Mitt Romney debate paul ryan Bad Lip Reading barack obama 2012 joe biden - 44174081

Bad Lip Reading: 2012 Debate Highlights

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Government Mandate

date pun teacher facebook barack obama joe biden - 6729920000
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innuendo gross joe biden - 44016385

No, Joe. Please Don't.

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