Mitt Romney

Jimmy Kimmel Live Mitt Romney barack obama white people - 44134401

Chris Rocks Message for White Voters

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Mitt Romney editing debate barack obama out of context dirty - 44056833

Dirty Debate

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Me... Me...

song Mitt Romney paul ryan - 6646969856
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Two Scoops

wtf gross Mitt Romney ice cream - 6729892608
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What Else Have I Been Missing Out On?

Univision Mitt Romney high - 6622792192
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Mitt Romney endorsement simpsons dogs - 44051457

Mr. Burns Endorses Mitt Romney

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Mitt Romney classy offer - 6727124736

Pernting ert Mer

Ermahgerd Mitt Romney pointing derp - 6662193920
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An Impressive Feat

Mitt Romney the onion expression - 6727049216
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Mitt Romney donald trump editing barack obama out of context - 44021761

Obama and Romney: The Final Debate

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You Were Hilarious

Mitt Romney debate confused barack obama - 6690061568
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Didn't Qualify For the Olympics

Ann Romney Mitt Romney Awkward position other horse - 6699863040
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Smear Campaign at a Brooklyn Pet Store

Mitt Romney barack obama - 6723918080

The Romney Campaign's New Slogan

campaign Mitt Romney slogan happy - 6723910912
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Romeny's New Strategy.

Ann Romney Mitt Romney barack obama thumbs up strategy - 6697362432
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Almost Over

countdown Mitt Romney barack obama election - 6723875584
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