Music twitter FAIL donald trump reactions political pictures snoop dogg politics - 1755141

People Are Ripping Donald Trump a New One After He Threatened 'Failing Career' Snoop Dogg With 'Jail Time'

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Will This Political Rap Battle Help Ken Bone Stop Being Undecided?

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Danny Elfman Composed a Special Soundtrack Just for Donald Trump

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Donald Trump's Love of His Debate Chair Was Made Into an Adorable Indie Band Song

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Helps Moderate a Songified Version of the Second Presidential Debate

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Music jimmy fallon donald trump duet Video - 82226433

Jimmy Fallon's Singing Impression of Donald Trump Covers 'Anything You Can Do' With Barbra Streisand

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Music donald trump john oliver Video win politics - 81665537

John Oliver Got Famous Singers Together to Sing Against Politicians Stealing Music For Campaigns

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I'm voting for Clinton

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Music news jimmy fallon election 2016 barack obama potus Video politics - 80680705

End Your Week With a Slow Jam From Jimmy Fallon and President Obama on His Legacy and the 2016 Election

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Hey Mr. DJ

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This Bar Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler

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Thanks... but No Thanks

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Mitt Romney Rap

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A Real Government Takeover

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Success DNC

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