Dammit Bill

Hillary Clinton bill clinton kissing wife oops distracted - 6620912896
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Not the Best Place to Relieve Yourself

barack obama mistake oops photobomb speech - 6591845632
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It's Okay, We Didn't Like Canada Much Anyway

accident barack obama button kid mistake oops - 6527117056
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Well, This is Awkward

Awkward oops Photo Reince Priebus rnc virgin - 6545082112
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Just Bought This Suit!

European union oops reaction summit - 6388245248
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I Knew It!

barack obama campaign election 2012 oops teleprompter - 6529725440
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Two Easy, Eh?

FAIL Local News news oops political pictures - 6420002304
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Whose Byline Is It Anyway?

FAIL Media NBC oops political pictures - 6376328704
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FAIL news oops political videos Video - 38883585

Best News Bloopers of 2012!

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Call Them Anything But That

britain FAIL Hall of Fame Ireland oops political pictures Starbucks twitter - 6303747840

LBJ Has a School of What Now?

FAIL graduation Hall of Fame lyndon johnson oops political pictures typo - 6256587264
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I'm So Live

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He Already Found a New Job?

FAIL france Media Nicolas Sarkozy oops political pictures - 6205604608
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... And Another One

barack obama FAIL oops political pictures - 6128126976
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FAIL national anthem oops political videos sports Video - 35857921

Anthem Woes

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FAIL Local News oops political videos Video weather report - 35456001

Workplace Frustration

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