Does Trump Know You Can't Actually Pick Team Rocket?

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Trumpémon Go! is All About Catching the Minorities at the RNC

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Time to ruin this game for the kids

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Donald Trump's Trying to Hang with the Times, by Trolling the Sh*t out of Hillary Clinton in Pokémon GO Campaign Ad

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Now you're just being creepy.

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I think Trump found one of his teammates!!

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Mah Favrit Perkamern!

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It's Not Very Effective

Mitt Romney barack obama Pokémon debate Battle - 6678980608
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How Am I Supposed to Catch Them All Under These Conditions?

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Pokémemes: Both Candidates Hurt Themselves in Confusion

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Brock Obama

barack obama hope Pokémon poster pun - 6619637248
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Shouldn't Feel This Old in my Early 20s

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It's Super Effective!

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Cool Candidate or Coolest Candidate?

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Unpopular Opinion Rick Perry

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PokeCrowd Control

Hall of Fame pepper spray Pokémon police political pictures Protest protesters UC Davis video games - 5472249088
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