The president. The head honcho, the big boss. The man in the high castle. Wherever or whoever it is, the president of anything is a striking figure. So lets joke a bit about them and bring them back down to Earth.

It Ain't Over Til The Fix Is In.

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republican song gay what obama president train Video - 42855937

Take the "R" Train

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If You Thought This One Went Bad...

Mitt Romney Michelle Obama barack obama debate angry anniversary president argument - 6643120640
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The Number One Reason to Vote

lindsay lohan president scary vote - 6640313856
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Nobody Told Me It'd Be So Hard

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And That's Why I'm Releasing My Long-Form Beer Recipe

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Can I Keep Him?

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Hey! Those are Taxpayer's Peanuts!

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This Guy is Running for President of Czech Republic

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Election Boogaloo

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What a Twist!

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Dad, Help!

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The Kid President Resolves an Important Conflict

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Unprecedented Means... What?

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I'll Just Blame Bo

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