Expecto Petraeus

David Petraeus Harry Potter pun - 6770102528
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Comforting the Needy, Jersey-Style

Chris Christie pun barack obama New Jersey - 6731443200
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Government Mandate

date pun teacher facebook barack obama joe biden - 6729920000
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Who's Taking Their Mom Now?

date pun - 6690130176
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Ah, British Humor...

david cameron pun - 6647758848
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While Secret Service Does Nothing

barack obama hugging news pun - 6581983232
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Brock Obama

barack obama hope Pokémon poster pun - 6619637248
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F**king Magnates, How Do They Work?

Mitt Romney pun rich - 6536729600
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Both the Most Memorable Speeches from Their Conventions

Awkward bill clinton Clint Eastwood dnc empty chair pun rnc - 6566729472
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It's Time To...

barack obama dnc pun - 6568728320
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Mitt Asks For a Lot of Things

paul ryan pun rnc - 6550724864
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cartoons dictators libya muammar gaddafi pun - 4535515392
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Famous Toast, Though!

breadsticks egypt hat protesters pun riots wtf - 4427446272
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awesome dinosaurs movies pun taliban wtf - 4454553344
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Turn That Frown Into Sweet, Sweet Music!

barack obama frown Music new york times newspaper president pun - 4438195200
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No Sympathy for the Drowned

flood flooding photographer pun water - 4391619584
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