Funny dank memes about reporter Jonathan Swan's facial reactions during an interview with Donald Trump | spotify listening music an ad about ads are annoying | monkey puppet side eye

Confused Reporter Interviewing Trump Is Inspiring Some Top-Tier Memeage

His reactions really are priceless.
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People on Twitter freak out at Donald Trump after he tweets out about the wrong mass shooting.

Donald Trump Tweets About Wrong Mass Shooting, Gets Demolished By Twitter

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People on Twitter react to Eric Trump tweeting out defending President Trump's racism.

Eric Trump Gets Obliterated By Twitter After Defending President Trump's Racism

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ivanka trump's husband jared kushner building a glass dildo building

People Are Roasting the Life Out of Ivanka's In-Laws For Building Skyscraper That Looks Like Giant Glass Dildo

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rage twitter news movies ridiculous reaction politics - 1188101

Kong: Skull Island Director Live-Tweets Ridiculous Confrontation With Alt-Right Plane Seatmate

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About that...

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The Secessionist Declaration of Independence

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Josh Romney at the Debate

Josh Romney Ann Romney barack obama Staring reaction debate Mitt Romney - 6681173504
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Just Bought This Suit!

European union oops reaction summit - 6388245248
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