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Michael Bloomberg Memes That Roast The Cringey Billionaire

You're probably already aware that Michael Bloomberg, cringey billionaire extraordinaire and 2020 presidential candidate, has been reaching out to various big-name meme accounts on Instagram asking them to post content that makes him look a little more...hip to the kids, shall we say? 

But apparently he's doing something right with his presidential campaign, as he's been soaring in the polls and we're seeing ads for him practically everywhere.

Normally we don't like to get too political, but it's clear that Bloomberg was not hugged enough as a child.

Funny dank memes about Michael Bloomberg's presidential campaign | 10 second tv or radio ad: exists Mike Bloomberg: mike BLOOMBERG 2020 's Free Real Estate. DNC have freed us Trump! Mike Bloomberg Oh wouldn't say freed more like under new management. megamind movie
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