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Was It an Angry One?

birds guns military sexy soldier women - 4504404224
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He's Everywhere!

camouflage helmet hiding military soldier - 4567298560
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The Man, The Myth, The Carnage

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'Cuz I Was Born Free!

FAIL fire military rocket launcher soldier - 4091159040
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The Eleventh Month of Pregnancy is Just the Worst!!!

Babies baby cheating sex soldier - 4450201088
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I Guess I Will Sit Just Sit on This Couch and Wait for Him. Hmm... Lumpy...

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Poochie's Looking Good For His Age!

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Have They Not Hearts, Just as We Do?!

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Those Pesky Insurgents!

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He Could Well Be a Nerd; They're Allowed to Join the Military Now

military nerds segway soldier tank technology - 4357294080
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Recruit, What are You Doing?

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cell phones cigarettes soldier wtf your argument is invalid - 4342235392
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The Golden Noob Rule

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