Does That Sound Really Good to Anyone Else?

hungry news syria distracted soldiers fighting - 6798323712
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dancing troops soldiers call me maybe afghanistan - 44933121

U.S. Troops Dancing to "Call Me Maybe"

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Happy Veteran's Day

thank you military soldiers - 6760691712
Via National Geographic

I Am Darkwing Duck!

army soldiers speech annoyed fog - 6575873280
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Never Woulda Guessed!

army farting fog soldiers sorry - 6532752384
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Except When I'm Stressed

army fog quit smoke smoking soldiers - 6530068992
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afghanistan dads homecoming political videos soldiers star wars veterans Video - 40082689

Star Wars Homecoming

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political videos russia soldiers truck Video - 39873281

Infinite Soldier Loop

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Naughty List'd

army political pictures santa soldiers - 6397171712
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Toy Soldiers

political pictures russia soldiers - 6402508800
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america army political videos soldiers Video - 39490305

Surprise Homecomings

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Step Lightly, Men!

political pictures russia soldiers - 6369324032
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At Easel, Soldier!

art political pictures soldiers - 6344962816
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Disciplined Downward Dog

dogs political pictures soldiers - 6340192512
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Manly Tattoos

england political pictures redcoats soldiers - 6321618688
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Operation Operetta

hats political pictures soldiers - 6300984576
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