song donald trump Hillary Clinton Video - 82750977

All the Best Soundbites From the Debate Were Songified

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This Bar Just Got a Whole Lot Cooler

Music song barack obama love - 6824073984
Via The Ill Na Na

Somehow it Lacks the Charm of "Oklahoma!"

song North Korea musical - 6719793664
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Clowns to the Left

clowns song angela merkel george w bush Vladimir Putin - 6654117376
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song speech Mitt Romney rich - 44207873

Romney's Concession Song

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Like It? I Made That Up

lyrics song barack obama laughing - 6733452288
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song Mitt Romney rap barack obama Jay Z - 44141057

Jay-Z: "99 Problems but Mitt Ain't One"

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And Now It's Stuck in Your Head

song Mitt Romney barack obama election arrested development - 6739465216
Via Arrested Decision 2012

Clarissa Endorses Mitt Romney

lyrics song Mitt Romney endorsement election - 6739428096
By Unknown

Me... Me...

song Mitt Romney paul ryan - 6646969856
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The World's First Embedded Protester

guitar protester war singing song - 6689555712
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Through the Fire and Flames. Literally

syria fighting song - 6678201856
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Safety Dance

celebration song lyrics - 6606422528
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rap Mitt Romney election Music song Republicans Video - 42988801

Mitt Romney Rap

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republican song gay what obama president train Video - 42855937

Take the "R" Train

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The Whole World's Behind Him on This One

annoyed Canada justin bieber song vladerday Vladimir Putin - 6575560960
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