speech Congress Ron Paul angry - 44595713

Ron Paul's Farewell Speech to Congress

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...And Moaning

speech barack obama - 6740080128
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thank you campaign speech barack obama election crying - 44282369

President Obama Thanks his Campaign Staff

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song speech Mitt Romney rich - 44207873

Romney's Concession Song

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political laughter speech - 43988225

Audience Laughs At Michelle Bachmann

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What a Way to Spend Vladerday

speech vladerday Vladimir Putin - 6657194240
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tina fey crazy response speech - 43685121

Tina Fey on Todd Akin

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speech gay rights Video - 43424001

Missouri Pastor Gives a Speech Against Gay Rights... With a Twist Ending

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There's Always an Ulterior Motive

barack obama bill clinton speech - 6627090176
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paul ryan exercise rnc speech Video - 43132161

Paul Ryan's Fitness Commercial

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Third Times Da Charm

Hillary Clinton bill clinton president speech watching - 6584299776
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I Am Darkwing Duck!

army soldiers speech annoyed fog - 6575873280
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The Secretary of State Doodles

bored Hillary Clinton meeting secretary of state speech United Nations - 6619698688
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barack obama endorsement muslim speech Video - 42407681

Madonna Gives President Obama the Worst Endorsement He's Ever Had

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In Fact I Prayed For It

barack obama dnc joe biden speech - 6564017920
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Clint Eastwood Explains His RNC Speech

Clint Eastwood interview rnc speech trolling - 6594337024
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