He's Learning!

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Haven't a Clue

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Michael Brown Criticizes Obama for Not Taking Enough Political Advantage of Hurricane Sandy

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Donald Trump: So Generous

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Ted Turner is Now the Worst Person

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Turns Out Democrats Can't Answer the 47 Percent Question Either

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CNBC Asked Kim Kardashian About the Economy. Because That's the World We Live In.

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Controversy? What Controversy?

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Skeptical Todd Akin

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Seriously, You're Only Making Things Worse

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It Works Against Nuclear Detonations, Too!

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What Are You Doing This Sunday?

Political Sunday Memes
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What Kind of Bathing Suit Did You Wear, Chair? Your Tan Lines Are Strange...

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Or Maybe the Talking Cow Was Sent to Distract You While the Enemy Attacks!

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And the Award for Blandest Cereal/Wife Goes To...

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Science Facts: It Shrinks During Takeoff

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