Vladimir Putin

Stephen Colbert Is Here to Talk About How Trump Appears to Be Ready for Day One-ish

Via The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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Watch Cartoon Trump and Putin Make Their First Official Joint Address on Colbert Show

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Puttin' In the Early Vote

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So There's No Use Talking to Me About It

Vladimir Putin - 6645601792
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How Will I Kill You? Let Me Count The Ways.

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But It Is Vladerday!

flirting Queen Elizabeth II threat Vladimir Putin - 6665422592
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We Are Not Aroused

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Clowns to the Left

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Coming This Vladerday

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I Won't Hear It and I Won't Respond to It

Queen Elizabeth II Prince Philip ignore Vladimir Putin - 6658794240
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What a Way to Spend Vladerday

speech vladerday Vladimir Putin - 6657194240
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But He Cheated and Paid a Trainer

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Something About a Cave

Vladimir Putin batman - 6581825536
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I Won't Have Him Ruin Vladerday

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The Whole World's Behind Him on This One

annoyed Canada justin bieber song vladerday Vladimir Putin - 6575560960
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International Politics Get Weird

politics prank United Nations vladerday Vladimir Putin - 6340794368
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