And Technically, You Don't Even Have a Doorstep

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The World's First Embedded Protester

guitar protester war singing song - 6689555712
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Our Enlistment Just Got Awesome

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And Here Comes the Online Community to Yell At Him for It

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Did That Just Happen?

really rnc tweet war - 6553283072
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One-Man Army

Congress Mitt Romney political pictures Republicans war - 6371778816
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Memorial Day 2012

america political pictures soldiers war - 6273086208
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Start the Battle Off Right

McDonald's poltical pictures soldiers tanks war - 6209439232
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"Exit Strategy"

funny soldier war - 5132923136
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iraq political videos Video war - 34715137

Thin Ice, Thick Glass

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Ahh, The Innocence of Youth

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They Lied

dance military political pictures soldiers war - 5568180992
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Another Bush War

george w bush political pictures war - 5535360512
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Veteran's Day 2011

Hall of Fame military political pictures united states veterans war - 5419321600
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political pictures war - 5359583488
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