FAIL donald trump Video politics - 83715585

Alec Baldwin Revives His Role as Donald Trump After Recent Attack on Saturday Night Life

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Broadway Hamilton Cast directs speech to Mike Pence

Twitter and Donald Trump React in an Explosion of Joy and Horror After 'Hamilton' Cast Targets Speech at Mike Pence

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news FAIL Starbucks reactions racist politics - 1162501

Operation #TrumpCup Has Taken Starbucks By Storm, and Twitter is Here to Fuel the Fire

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jimmy kimmel FAIL trolling donald trump Video politics - 83618305

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Team Troll the Streets Convincing People The White House is Due For Renovations

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dogs stephen colbert FAIL donald trump Video - 83543297

Watch Triumph the Insult Dog Literally Piss All Over Donald Trump for Stephen Colbert

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twitter FAIL donald trump barrack obama election 2016 reactions politics - 1132037

People Are Getting Hilariously Creative with Their Tweets after Obama and Trump Sat Down With Each Other

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trump election tinder memes

Some Very Thirsty People Are Using Donald Trump as a Wingman after the Election Results

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trump electoral map

Eric Trump Sends Out Electoral Map of Men-Only Election Hinting 'Momentum Is on Their Side' and Receives Prompt Mocking from the Internet

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I Guess Trump's Fame Has It's Limits, It Can't Make His Daughter Let Him Kiss Her on TV

funny political fail gif Trump kiss rejected by daughter after debate
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This 'Who to Follow' Recommendation is a Huuuuge Mistake

funny fail tweet Twitter recommends Rosie ODonnell follow Donald Trump
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donald trump twitter fail

Donald Trump Jr. Used a Skittles Metaphor for Refugees and It's Got Twitter Groaning More Than An Actual Cavity

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Trump Tried to Take a PR Photo With a Little Girl and It Did Not End Up Well

fail political image Little miss Flint takes scared PR photo with Donald Trump
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guns FAIL Video women shooting - 81814017

Joe Biden Needs to See Video of These Women with Shotguns!

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Unlike a Pregancy, Abstinence Will Not Prevent a New President

mike pence spooky chili's pic

Is This Image of Mike Pence and Family 2 Spoopy For the Internet?

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