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The Internet is Loving How Bad This Donald Trump & Mike Pence Official Campaign Logo is

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That Awkward Moment When Canada is the Smoothest in a Three-Way

funny fail gif awkward political three-way handshake
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Donald Trump Got Immediately Called out on His Clueless Tweet About Brexit

image twitter donald trump Donald Trump Got Immediately Called out on His Clueless Tweet About Brexit
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John Oliver Breaks Down How Broken American Primaries and Caucuses Are

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The Dangerous Lives of News Reporters

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Sending a Message

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ABC Denver Doesn't Check its Images

David Petraeus scandal news FAIL photoshop mistake - 6764098816
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Glad They Got This Monster Behind Bars

dogs FAIL monster newspaper - 6613884672
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DNC Apologizes for Using Russian Warships at Convention

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NBC is the Only Major Network to Not Cover the Moment of Silence

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And Here's How NBC Reported the News Today

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Todd Akin Wants You're Vote. Or Is It Your're Vote?

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This is the Worst Fraternity Ever

beer Dalai Lama FAIL girls worst - 6419419392
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ROFLympics 2012: Wrong Flag of the Day

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Two Easy, Eh?

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Whose Byline Is It Anyway?

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