angela merkel

Chill Pill

angela merkel Germany - 8261912064
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Sorry, Mr. Prime Minister

angela merkel confused sorry - 6687850752
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Lunchtime in Germany

spicy angela merkel Germany - 6742060032
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Clowns to the Left

clowns song angela merkel george w bush Vladimir Putin - 6654117376
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Better Not Scare Them, Frau Merkel...

boo angela merkel racist chinese - 6694787328
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They Just Have a Really Weird Sense of Humor

angela merkel Breaking News german laugh - 6338389248
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Must Be the Stress of Buying Europe

angela merkel europe Germany Harry Potter - 6339622912
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The Whole Continent's a Joke

angela merkel europe European union Germany political pictures - 6454249216
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The Merkel Spectrum

angela merkel fashion Germany political pictures - 6437018624
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180 Degree Turn

angela merkel political pictures - 6337180160
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O R U?

angela merkel political pictures - 6345201664
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Munich's Finest

angela merkel marijuana political pictures weed - 6340607488
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Austerity Hilarity

angela merkel political pictures - 6309464576
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No Angela, No!!

angela merkel penguins political pictures - 6313680128
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Euro 2012, What Crisis?

angela merkel europe football Ireland political pictures soccer - 6313391360
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Good Effort Merkel

angela merkel political pictures - 6309449472
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