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Bill Clinton makes a pun joke about Praying Mantis sculpture outside Clinton Foundation and the internet has fun with it

Bill Clinton Cracked a Terrible Dad Joke on Twitter and Nobody Can Handle It

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Funny memes about Jeffrey Epstein death by suicide, conspiracy theories, bill clinton, hillary clinton, murdered, epstein was murdered.

17 Best Conspiracy Memes About Jeffrey Epstein's Death

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But Where's Dr. Strange?

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Pic is Unrelated?

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Bill Backing Away.....

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The Arkansas Shuffle

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Standing against Immortan Trump

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Poor Bill

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Name that tune

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What Are Those?!

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Bill recalls the last time he felt intern balloons...

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Look, A Double Rainbow

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I still say emphatically, I DID NOT INHALE!

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HA HA HA! Somebody called Hillary "innocent!!" Shewt.

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Comedy Is Not Pretty

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