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Animated Gifs and the Presidential Election

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The Final Chapter

Harry Potter Mitt Romney president barack obama election - 6739566080
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And Now It's Stuck in Your Head

song Mitt Romney barack obama election arrested development - 6739465216
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We Just Have to Ride it Out

Sad Chris Christie barack obama election hug - 6735931904
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Clarissa Endorses Mitt Romney

lyrics song Mitt Romney endorsement election - 6739428096

A Sound Strategy

vote campaigning pee threat election strategy - 6739138304
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Monster Campaign Ads

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Almost Over

countdown Mitt Romney barack obama election - 6723875584
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Those Dinner Conversations Must Get Awkward

Mitt Romney election politics - 6723161088
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This Little Girl is Tired of Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney

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Obama, Romney, and Sandy

campaign Mitt Romney issues barack obama election hurricane sandy - 6720837376

Well That's a Little Harsh

Sad Mitt Romney taxes president education election quote - 6720820736
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I Hope You Can Hear Me Because I'm Pandering as Loud as I Can

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Voting With Your Wallet

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Covering the Election

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How Would Other Countries Vote?

Chart vote Mitt Romney barack obama countries election infographic graph - 6717391104