I Mean What Century Is This Anyway?

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Obama Pandering to 50 States in 90 Seconds

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Social Media and the Popular Vote

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This is Gonna Win Us the Election

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I've Seen Enough Election Hent4i to Know Where This is Going

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The Infected

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Mitt Romney Rap

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It Ain't Over Til The Fix Is In.

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Mitt Romney Mortal Kombat fighting game politics primaries election newt gingrich Ron Paul Video - 42980865

Political Kombat Round Two: Romney Vs. Gingrich and Paul

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FAIL Nation: Trick Question FAIL

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It's Internet Voter Registration Day

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Clearly the Best Choice for 2016

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He's Got the Election in the Bag

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Herman Cain: No Pizza if Obama is Reelected

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Gay Bathhouse in Tampa Offers Free Admission to GOP Delegates

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Adieu Sarkozy

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