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The Internet is Loving How Bad This Donald Trump & Mike Pence Official Campaign Logo is

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Donald Trump Got Immediately Called out on His Clueless Tweet About Brexit

image twitter donald trump Donald Trump Got Immediately Called out on His Clueless Tweet About Brexit
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A Collection of Rice Puns

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Is Donald Trump Okay?

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"All Right, That's It, I'm Breakin' Out the Sass"

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Has Karl Got a Deal For You!

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Drunk Nate Silver

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Donald Trump Went F**king Crazy Last Night

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Just Three Dudes Hanging Out

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Trump Called Out by Chrysler's Senior Vice President of Design

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Florida Jewish Grandma Vote

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So That's His Secret

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Failbook: KitchenAid Twitter Team Member Tells Everyone How He Really Feels About the Election

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And Now For Something Completely Different

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The Absolute Worst Response to the Attack in Libya

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