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Chris Christie was on Saturday Night Live

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Regina Romney

funny politics republican Mitt Romney Movie mean girls - 6678261248
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The Bellamy Brothers Ain't got Nothin' on Me

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Thanks... but No Thanks

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The Best Possible Choice

funny monty python art politics - 6674574592
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Is This Love... That I'm Feelin'?

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A Bean... You Say?

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Where Am I Even?

dnc drugs funny high women - 6568416768
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Seems Legit

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One Percent to Rule Them All

debt finance funny paul ryan taxes - 6092304384
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Everything Turned Out Better Than Expected!

art fake funny Kim Jong-Il Osama Bin Laden shoop - 6093089280
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Stan Can't Decide.

funny vote - 6075475968
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Unprecedented Means... What?

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Won't Make Any Difference!

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