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Hall of Fame military political pictures Pundit Kitchen soldiers - 4605792256
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Not Gonna Lie, I'm Hatin' a Little...

asian camouflage haters haters gonna hate march military - 4039024384
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War: It's Just Like in the Movies!

annoyed grenade military movie reference soldiers - 4271767808
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Was It an Angry One?

birds guns military sexy soldier women - 4504404224
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He's Everywhere!

camouflage helmet hiding military soldier - 4567298560
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Crafting in the Military

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Don't Get Ensnared!

beach boobs guns military soldiers - 4048481024
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I Would Have Gone With Unlimited Beer

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SpyCatz: Teh Wurldz Most Danjerus Noo Emeny...

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Support Our Fabulous Seamen!

dadt dont-ask-dont-tell gay military navy shirtless - 4297039616
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Still Waiting on My McNuggets, Pal...

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Step 3 Has Something to Do With Shoe Chewing

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It's a $5,985 Cab Ride to the Impound Lot

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