It Must Be Looking for a Floating Nail

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Nothing Beats a Deep Cleanse

help military rescue save soldiers water woman wtf - 4382921984
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Don't Give Lady Gaga Any Ideas, Doggy

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I Guess I Will Sit Just Sit on This Couch and Wait for Him. Hmm... Lumpy...

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By ShadowL

I Need One for Weeding the Garden

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They Might Buy You a Hat That Fits if You Could Stay Awake

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Or Is It "Fishing: You're Doing It Wrong!"?

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Au Revoir, Gopher!

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I Call This One "The Crossfire Song" Song

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Poochie's Looking Good For His Age!

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Finally, a Good Use for a Sidecar!

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Who Would Shoot Someone With Such a Fly Jacket?

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That Baby is Ready to Say 'Hello' to the World!

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Have They Not Hearts, Just as We Do?!

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