Mitt Romney

Half Baked

Mitt Romney republican - 8432663040
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Just One Today?

Mitt Romney Awkward McDonald's store - 6824011520

Where's His Boomstick?

Mitt Romney totally looks like - 6798452736
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I'll Get Right On That

Mitt Romney barack obama - 6823927040
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That's Not How You Text, Barack

poop Mitt Romney Hillary Clinton barack obama dinner - 6823666688
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GOP House Committee Chairs are All White Men

Republicans Mitt Romney paul ryan - 6819289600

What Makes You Think That?

gas Mitt Romney internet - 6796474368
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That's Gotta Sting

47 percent vote Mitt Romney election irony - 6815802624
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candidate Mitt Romney election - 45107457

Romney's Next Move

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Ann Doesn't Want Him Around the House, "Reflecting"

job Mitt Romney unemployed - 6754635520
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He's Done it More Than Me!

Ann Romney Mitt Romney donald trump election lost - 6742040832
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Appreciate the Suggestions, Though. They Help Lighten the Mood

poor tax Mitt Romney phone barack obama budget - 6721715200
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Soon is Here at Last

ask me anything Mitt Romney election - 6742325760
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What a Weird Time

odd Mitt Romney president election - 6793005056
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Pundit Kitchen is Closing

goodbye Mitt Romney barack obama - 6792824576

Well Hey There, Mitt Romney. How Have You Been?

car gas Mitt Romney Awkward - 6792624896
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