Sarah Palin


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Don't be a clown!

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Frown Town

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When I think of what could have been...............

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Search Results for "Huge Idiot" on Twitter

jersey shore sean hannity Harry Reid donald trump Sarah Palin idiot Rick Perry - 6792966912
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To Be Fair, He Would Know

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Biden West vs. Ryan Swift

joe biden paul ryan debate imma let you finish kanye west Sarah Palin - 6664307712
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My Job Here is Done

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An Honest Mistake I'm Sure

accident rnc Sarah Palin texas - 6549287424
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gay rights political videos Rick Santorum Sarah Palin Video - 40376065

Randy Rainbow Works at Chik-Fil-A

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Red Suit and Glasses, Yep

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Politicians With One Tiny Hand

Kim Jong-Il Mitt Romney political pictures Rick Santorum Sarah Palin - 5999223296

Casting Downgrade

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Sarah Palin versus Julianne Moore

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